Aerospace Coatings & Finishes

Research and Development

In 2013 the Laboratory moved was completely refurbishes in addition to new facilities it was  stocked with the latest equipment including: 

  •  Salt spray Chamber 
  •  Infrared and visual spectrometer
  •  Various spectrophotocolorimeters 
  •  Flammability test equipment 
  •  Electrochemical impedance measuring equipment 
  •  Climatic test chamber 
  •  Dedicated lab for metal surface conversion treatments 
  •  Accelerated UV test Chamber 
  •  Dispersers, mixing and grinding equipment

Two laboratories

“The Mapaero Team is dedicated to the development of innovative products for the aerospace market and today is seen as pioneers in their field thanks to the ongoing desire to embrace the latest technologies and improve both industry and environmental conditions”


Today the Laboratory consists of two key divisions each enjoying their own facilities, the Epoxy Lab; with over 20 years of expertise in airframe protection is responsible for supporting the existing business of corrosion prevention and is highly dedicated to the development of Chromate free coatings in the future.


The Polyurethane lab look after the research of cabin interior and exterior finishes and specialises in the reduction of VOC levels and water based technologies; today they are renowned globally for the wide choice of colours and special affects used in VIP cabin designs.


Environmental : The Mapaero lab team have a strong policy of developing environmentally- friendly products, particularly with water-based paints and keeps up to date with studies conducted into the hazards presented by the chemical components used in our formulations and the associated regularity restrictions (REACH). Our developments take this information into account to ensure we offer sustainable solutions