Aerospace Coatings & Finishes

Health & Environment


With 3,000 sqm. of photovoltaic panels and a geothermal heating system, Mapaero ensures optimal control over its energy consumption.

As part of our ISO 14001 certification, multiple initiatives are 
conducted each year to reduce our environmental impact: waste recycling, VOC reduction and, of course, the development of more environmentally friendly paints.


The health of its operators and the customers that use its products is a prime concern for Mapaero. Over and above the initiatives carried out by our Health & Safety team, two key priorities motivate our entire personnel: 

The reduction of solvents contained in paint, in order to reduce the risk of fire and explosion. Over a period of ten years, the proportion of paints with minimal solvent content (high-solids, aqueous and water-soluble) has risen from 10 to 80%.

Replacement of hazardous substances (REACH, exposure limits, occupational exposure limits, etc.): AEG, DBP, chromate, molybdates, toluene, etc. In 2014, Mapaero certified a chromate-free structural primer for aeronautical applications. A first step towards the widespread replacement of chromate-based anti-corrosion primers.