Mapaero can deliver courses that meet the demands of the industry. Courses can take place in either a classroom environment or on the shop floor and can be tailor-made on request. Whilst Mapaero frequently carries out training on-site many courses take place off-site to incorporate our client’s own facilities

Courses aim to address many areas including :

  • Paint Application
  • Paint inspection and handling application defects
  • Health and safety
  • Quality control and adherence to specifications

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Samples / Color Matching

The Mapaero team can match and create bespoke colours on request, this might be for a single VIP aircraft or a complete fleet overhaul. For colour matching send a sample to our head office at: 10 Avenue De La Rijole, Pamiers, 09100 France and contact your local representative.

In order to achieve a successful color matching, please send us a requirement as accurately as possible (gloss, texture, environmental requirements, details on the location of the part to be painted, qualified product needed, level of accuracy on the hue,…). For this purpose, a color matching request form is at your disposal for download.

1. Is it possible to reproduce colors (with or without effects) from other manufacturers and how long does it take?
It is possible to color match all opaque colours in all our ranges of finishes. For special effects such as (-Pearlescent or metalalics color matching will be possible under certain technical please contact your local representative or contact the head office on : 0033 5 34 01 34 01
2. What is the standard size of a MAPAERO color sample?
The color sample format is 105mm x 150mm, supplied labelled with its unique Part Number and colour reference, provided in a presentation case
3. Are the special effects available in waterborne and in solvent?
Historically solvent technologies have allowed more possibilities in complex effects, but Mapaero have many new technologies in water based paints that can be used to obtain certain special effects please contact your local representative or contact the head office on : 0033 5 34 01 34 01
4. What is the accuracy of color guaranteed by MAPAERO?
As standard, we replicate the color samples with a Delta E variance of 0. 7
5. What is the lead time to achieve a color sample?

The lead time for achieving a color sample depends on the number of hues to match and the complexity of the hue, typically about 5 days from receipt of samples.
6. Can I send any type of materials to color match (all sizes)?
It is recommended to send us items (regardless of the material) no smaller than 5 cm x 5 cm.
7. Are applications possible on special effects?
In general, touching up are hard on special effects, when choosing special effects for a program, especially one with multiple ship sets it is advised to discuss the program with your local representative.


MapMatch is MAPAERO's Custom Color Solution

MapMatch is a cost-efficient and user-friendly solution for custom color creation, allows to create the desire paint quantity on your own and is available for more than 2800 colors!

This system allows to product minimal quantities of paint and reduces lead time and shipping time to zero! 

This system proposes a tool to create the color of your need, based on color matching and tint mixing. Available with Mapaero FR2-55 and FR2-55 Flex (Water based / semi-gloss paint).

For more information about MapMatch and the customized offers, download the MapMatch Information Document.

For sales support relating the MapMatch please contact our Sales Department by phone: 0033 (0)5 34 01 34 01 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Technical / Laboratory

For technical support relating the application techniques, problems or compatibility of our products across various substrates please contact our Laboratory team This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call reception: 0033 5 34 01 34 01.
1. How to calculate the necessary amount of paint to cover the workpiece?
Theoretical coverage is available on all our technical data sheets and gives coverage of our products in m2 per liter (Base + hardener).
However, according to the painted piece geometry, the equipment used, and the operator, it is recommended to allow a margin of 40-60% in the actual calculation which allows for overspray, wastage or re work.
2. Where can I find your products specifications?
Click on our website to the page "specifications".
On the appropriate Technical Data Sheets
If in doubt, please contact your Local representative or call the head office on. 0033 5 34 01 34 01
3. What is the product's shelf life after opening of the can?

In ideal conditions of storage (Please refer to the corresponding technical data sheet) opened cans can be stored 3 months for bases materials and 1 month for the hardeners. 
These times are Mapaero recommendations only
In case of contact with the air or dust, the shelf life may be smaller.
4. Are Mapaero paints approved for use on my aircraft during maintenance?
MAPAERO interior paint (primer & topcoat) are approved on all AIRBUS for maintenance and our waterborne primer FR4/45 is approved on all BOEING aircraft for maintenance.. In case of doubt, Please verify information directly on the OEM documentation, you can also find information on our website in the specification chapter.
MAPAERO Wheels & Brakes => MESSIER BUGATTI 737 Wheels with our chrome free primer SP350 & Topcoat XS420
Structural repair => AIRBUS: please check your documentation
5. How to clean equipment after application of waterborne products?
Cleaning products are usually specified in our technical data sheets.. Regarding water-based paints, we can achieve a first cleaning with tap water immediately after application, and if necessary clean with an appropriate thinner (Please contact your local representative or the head office on : 0033 5 34 01 34 01)
6. Which (top coat) products are compatible with which primer/ filler (interior / exterior)?
Every Primer has a specific top coat recommended for optimal performance, this can normally be found on the technical data sheets provided.. As a general rule we always recommend that water based and Solvent based paint systems are not mixed together , for additional information on specific combinations please contact your local representative or the head office on : 0033 5 34 01 34 01
7. Can I get different gloss on the interiors/exteriors paints?

We are able to deliver coatings with different gloss levels.. However, cabin paints are delivered as standard in semi gloss and matt, and exterior paints are available in all gloss levels.. If in any doubt please contact your local representative or the head office on : 0033 5 34 01 34 01
8. Problem of gloss when applying
Various causes may contribute to difference in gloss levels.. The most common are: problems with the paint thickness applied, mixing ratios or mixing procedure, a gap in application procedures, substrate preparation, or even the pot life.. In case of specific questions please contact your local representative or the head office on : 0033 5 34 01 34 01
9. Problem of gloss when applying
MAPAERO retain a painted sample (following the guidelines in our technical data sheet) of all hues delivered to customers.. It will be easy to verify a difference in hue compared to the order The color differences (Delta E) authorized by MAPAERO are very strict and in accordance with manufacturers' requirements.. MAPAERO is one of only two manufacturers globally authorized to deliver AIC hues (AIRBUS).
10. What is the advantage of the paintings in the cabin compared to decorative film?
Cost, easy handling application, particularly on complex geometries, and opportunities for touch-ups during maintenance
12. Have Mapaero paints got antimicrobial properties?

We have specific ranges of top coat cabin paint with antimicrobial properties.. For more information, please contact your local representative or the head office on : 0033 5 34 01 34 01
13. Can paints be applied on leather or soft substrates?
Our FLEX Fire retardant range has been developed for this purpose.
14. Can paintings be applied in the cabin during the maintenance?
The use of aqueous paints is possible please check with the local rules and regulations that apply.
15. Can cabin paint be applied directly to metal?
It is necessary to apply the paint on the metal cabin previously painted with an anticorrosive primer paint
Adhesion to metals can be improved by the use of an appropiate primer , this may be a non chomated primer if corrosion proection is not necesarry please. contact your local representative or contact the head office on : 0033 5 34 01 34 01
16. Can touch up repairs be made using a brush or roller ?
Yes although retouching with brush may be visible depending on the hue and the agility of the painter


4. Can we pay by credit card?
Yes, just contact our sales department at + 33 (0) 5 34 01 34 01
5. How to find MSDS?
MSDS contain confidential information and therefore we cannot do give free access. 
Please, make a request to our sales team: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Once the access allowed, you can consult them freely. 
Some complex products have a longer period. 
In order to be sure of the lead time, contact our sales department, please call 0033 (0)5 34 01 34 01 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
6. Are your prices sliding scale?
Most of our products have a price per quantity. 
Please contact our Sales Office which will give you the price corresponding to the quantity of products you need.
7. What do you mean by 'lead time'?
Our lead time is calculated from the time when we receive the order and the provision for removal. 
We sell ex works but offer transport solutions, the delivery time will depend on the solution of transport chosen by our customers.
8. Where are the Mapaero products manufactured?
We are manufacturers; therefore all the products that we dispatch are manufactured into our factory of Pamiers in southwestern France near Toulouse
9. Are touch up kits available for FRS40 Top coats? 

The touch up kits for FRS40 interior top coats cabin are under development. Currently the smallest packaging is 1kg.
10. Which products are sold in touch-up kits?

Products that we currently offer in touch up kits are for aircraft structures (P60-A Primer, F70-A Top Coat, F69 Direct Adhesion Top Coat). Also for cabin interior (FR2-55). These kits are available on 12ml and 45ml of product are very easy to use.

11. What is the shelf life of your touch-up kits? 

The shelf life of our touch-up kits is 12 months for structure products.
12. How to get the specification type AIMS, IPS or others?

We cannot communicate information concerning AIMS or IPS which are confidential documents from the manufacturers. If required, please contact your Quality Department.
13. Do you have stock in China, in the United States or somewhere else?
Various retailers, including in the United States, China, Canada, Singapore, South Korea, the United Kingdom and Russia have some stock. please check the contacts of our distributors on the interactive map on our website
14. What is your lead time?
Our standard lead time is 5 working days and we provide an emergency process (AOG) of your orders within 3 working days maximum.
15. Who are your main clients?

We have customers all over the world. Our mains customers are aircraft manufacturers (Airbus Group, Bombardier, Embraer, Daher Socata, Boeing) as well as major subcontractors (Stelia, GE ... ) Airlines and aircraft maintenance centers.


1. What is the address of delivery and collection?

Our Expeditions Service is at the following address:

Rue Hélène Boucher
09100 Pamiers

Our schedules are:8:00 a. m. to 12:00 p. m. 
1:30 p. m. to 5:00 p. m.

2. Transportation issues
We can arrange transportation and provide a quote. 
Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 00 33 (0)5 34 01 39 47


For issues of accounts payable / accounts receivable: please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or00 33 (0)5 34 01 39 43


  • Mapaero packaging
  • Mapaero labelling
  • Mapaero production

Our range of packaging is designed to suit the chemical composition of each product and the current regulations in effect concerning transport. They are specially designed to offer the ideal volume and ease of use for your needs, providing you with a perfectly adapted product. We are ready and willing to work together with you, to create a product that is perfect for your needs.

Some of our products are available as kits, with a base and hardener. For aerial transport of paints classified as hazardous, our team is qualified to package your products using cardboard boxes or IATA cases.   These are available in 4 sizes depending on the quantity to be shipped: 5 liters, 15 liters, 20 liters and 50 liters.

  • Touch Up Kit: TUK 12ml et 45ml.
  • Mapaero exclusive.  Automated production line with labeling and quality management.
  • For our bases: Metal can or bucket: from 1 liter to 200 liters.
  • For our hardeners: Flasks: from 250ml to 20 liters.
  • Diluting agents: Jerry cans from 1 liter to 30 liters.
  • Special products: from 12ml to 1 liter.


  • Meets the delivery deadlines to more than 98% anywhere in the world.
  • Give tailor-made transportation quotes.
  • Offer the best of the logistics service suppliers.
  • Adapt to your necessities (country / regulations / restrictions).
  • Provide indicators and customised follow-up.

The mission of our logistics services

  • The logistics department is an integral part of the customer support department and is under the responsibility of the commercial division
  • Ensuring the company meets its target of more than 98% of deliveries on time
  • Delivering orders in due time ON OUR CUSTOMER’S SITE and being at customers’ disposal to offer them optimum delivery service at the best prices.
  • Following up orders by communicating the tracking number or air waybill number.
  • Meeting the delivery times needed by customers. Supplying an analysis of on time deliveries using personalised indicators.
  • Offering a delivery solution adapted to budget constraints and needs. (AOG door to door, etc.)
  • Offering our support through a network of partners with OEA (Approved Economic Operator) qualification such as FEDEX, UTI, DBSCHENKER, KUEHNE + NAGEL, etc.
  • Providing a customised service through packaging and personnel trained in the various modes of transport (Road, Air and Sea). Our team is qualified to ship all types of goods (IATA, IMDG and ADR approval).
  • Providing after-sales service in the event of damage, dispute or loss.

And all of this with a cheerful and friendly approach


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