Aerospace Coatings & Finishes


Fournisseur du marché civil et militaire, MAPAERO développe et propose une gamme complète de revêtements, primaires et finitions.

Serving civil and military markets, Mapaero develops, produces and offers a whole range of primers and topcoats.


Two component flexible polyurethane top coat with high chemical resistance, used for exterior decoration of aircraft. The top coat has good UV resistance.

A1000-UVR CLEAR COATSolvent based high gloss 2-component Polyurethane clear coat for exterior and anti-erosive protection.

Two-component polyurethane top coat with high chemical resistance for aircraft exterior. NBC resistant.
The  top coat has good UV resistance. 
Military application.

BASE COAT MONO F15Decorative polyurethane top coat, matt, solvent-based, single component, fast drying for aircraft exteriors.
It is recommanded to use the Base Coat Mono F15 on the two-component MAPAERO F14 Top Coat, respecting the recommended recovery time.

F14 BASE COATFast drying two components solvent based polyurethane base coat with a matt finish.
MAPCOAT TFSolvent based polyurethane coating, used to protect aircraft parts against erosion.

MAPCOAT TF should be applied with Mapaero 9014-B PRIMER (see TDS).

Two-component flexible polyurethane top coat, with high chemical resistance, used for exterior protection of aircrafts.
The varnish has a good resistance to UV.